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[2010/10/21] Creationism Won’t Die
Creationism Won’t Die     10/21/2010    
Oct 21, 2010 — To ardent evolutionists, creationism should have died a long time ago.  Some of them are confounded, if not dumbfounded, that they cannot get rid of it.  They think (many of them) that the Dover case in Pennsylvania should have settled the issue once for all.  Well, it didn’t.  It keeps coming back like a cat that, according to New Scientist, “lives on in US public schools.”
    Reporter John Farrell puts most of the blame on the Discovery Institute, which has not been idle, he said.  According to Barbara Forrest, philosopher and long-time activist opposing Discovery, “Louisiana is the only state to pass a state education bill based on the Discovery Institute’s template,”  a policy which Farrell says “prevents Louisiana school boards from stopping schools using supplementary creationist texts hostile to evolution, such as books published by the Discovery Institute” (see loaded words).    Both Forrest and Farrell conflated creationism with intelligent design (a common Darwinist tactic), contrary to the Discovery Institute’s stated positions which distinguish intelligent design from religious beliefs that rely on sacred texts.
    Forrest is alarmed that stronger measures are at work in Louisiana to allow students more access to creationist material, “with no outcry from the media or from the scientific community,” she complained.  Farrell ended by quoting the lead attorney for Dover commenting on the impact of the ruling that was limited to Dover county’s school board.  “If we’d lost, intelligent design would be all over the place now,” Eric Rothschild worried.
    Popular and controversial TV commentator Glenn Beck touched on the issue on the campaign speech trail, according to World Net Daily, linking evolution to progressive politics.  “If God didn’t create, if things evolve, then your rights evolve.  You’re not endowed by your Creator,” he said.  “Just like you go from a monkey to a man, you go from simple rights to higher rights and somebody has to take those rights and give them to you and take them away or change them.  This is again the evolutionary thinking of progressivism.”  To him, that’s why “The left must have evolution.” (cf. 10/14/2010.)
    Speaking of a Creator, Barack Obama has famously omitted that word twice now in speeches quoting the Declaration of Independence, a slip duly noted by Beck’s news site, The Blaze.  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, in damage-control mode (see video at World Net Daily), quickly said that “I can assure you the president believes in the Declaration of Independence.”   Whether that response controlled the damage rests on whether the public realizes that the issue was not belief in the Declaration of Independence, but in a Creator who endows mankind with rights.  And if a third slip removes all doubt, WND just reported this evening that Obama has for the third time omitted the reference to a Creator in a speech quoting the famous Jefferson line two days ago.  He did say all men are “created equal,” but then said they “are endowed ... with certain inalienable [sic] rights” (see US History.org) failing to make it clear the Creator is the source of those rights.
    Meanwhile, over at Evolution News & Views Michael Egnor, M.D., is recovering from a near-choking incident after hearing atheist P.Z. Myers say, “you don’t get to use the influence of government to help promote your cult.”  Catching his breath again, Egnor responded in his blog entry, arguing that the shoe belongs on Myers’ foot.  “The deep irony in Myers’ comment is that atheists have used the First Amendment itself, which they mischaracterize as demanding ‘a wall of separation between church and state,’ to promote their cult in public schools,” he said.  “In the atheist creed, questions about Darwinian weaknesses, let alone inferences to design in biology, comprise a heretic ‘church,’ and any challenges or even critical questions about Darwinism must be expunged from school curricula.”  Atheists have misused the First Amendment, “which was intended to prohibit government enforcement of orthodoxy and to protect free inquiry,” to bludgeon anyone who disagrees with them.  “And so the atheist cult survives, skimming new recruits from a public school system in which children are harnessed to a dozen years of indoctrination in atheism’s creation myth.”
    Neither Dover, Louisiana, or any of the other school board cases in recent years have involved trying to teach religious creationism.  The whole point about Dover was to allow students to hear a short message that other material supporting intelligent design was available in case they were interested.  Darwinism was the only view taught in the curriculum.  The Discovery Institute does not even support that approach – they only want Darwinism to be taught honestly, with critical thinking, as any scientific theory ought to be taught.
    It must also be remembered that some of the most controversial court cases over the years were won or lost by the narrowest of margins, or were overturned on appeal.  Darwinist control on education hangs on for dear life against a strong majority of Americans who feel that if arguments for Darwinism are taught, then the arguments against it should also be taught.
Judge Jones at Dover thought he had his finger safely in the dike, but don’t be so sure.  A tremendous amount of pressure has been building behind it – scientific evidence that Darwinism cannot withstand (e.g., 10/07/2010), and evidence the dike is cracking (10/19/2010, 10/03/2010).  Rothschild said that without that one victory in Dover (which only applied locally), intelligent design would be everywhere now.  That gives hope that one finger in their dike cannot stop all the leaks threatening to burst everywhere.
    When the artificial moat protecting the Darwin Castle goes, and people are free to see the foundation of quicksand and termites everywhere, there will be revulsion and astonishment at how King Charles with his imperial robes was able to put on airs for so long.  Darwinism cannot survive in free and open debate.  That’s why the Darwiniacs and other leftists (10/14/2010) ratchet up the rhetoric as they scream in pain at fingers about to turn blue.

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